I started off growing up in rural Victoria, but as soon as I graduated from high school I packed up and moved to Adelaide to save up and seek new experiences. I was offered a casual job with Coleman Rail, and soon after became a full-time labourer and front-end loader operator.


Eventually work for that company dried up in Adelaide, so I decided to up-skill and was accepted into Flinders University for a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. Around the same time I was offered a casual job with GTE Rail Australia.

Unfortunately I was unable to finish the course. 4th time was not the charm for one of the classes, and work was becoming scarce to fund another try. I made the decision to move to Melbourne for more consistent work with the same company.


Towards the end of 8 years of rail construction I started contemplating a career changes - but with what skills? All I knew was labouring, operating machines, and playing video games.

Then at 6am one Monday morning I heard a radio ad - a radio ad for a game development course at SAE Institute Melbourne. On my morning break I gave them a call to enquire. 2 weeks later I was walking through the front doors (not the glass fire escape door nearby, that one didn't open from the outside).

Learning from my experience at Flinders Uni, I started off with a Diploma of Games Development to test the waters for a potential new career path. It wasn't a full year, and I could still work on the weekends - what did I have to lose?

I absolutely loved it! And I was doing pretty well at it too!

As soon as I had finished the diploma I went straight into the Bachelor of Games Development course, majoring in design - and somehow 3D art found it's way in there too. While it did take me a while to learn how to use Maya, I found myself creating and texturing a large majority of 3D game assets to use in my projects. My peers found this curious, but also quite handy as it lightened our dependency on external 3D artists.

With my bachelors degree entering its final few months, I am now seeking to gain experience alongside industry professionals, and begin my career within the gaming industry using my skills in both game design and 3D art.