A single-player side-scrolling game where you are rewarded for navigating environmental boundaries. The experience is designed for the players well-being, ruling out enemies, fail-states, and advancement systems. Designed around strong emotional content, this game focuses on self-actualisation and reward.


This was my first project to work on as a game designer and as a 3D artist within a team of 3 other designers and 12 from other disciplines. I was involved with the decision making in regards to the playable height range and how the controllable bee would softly bounce as it reacts with the top and bottom bounds. I also played a part in how to immerse the player by blurring the background to make it seem as though objects were far away from the bee's point of view. One of main issues that arose with designing this game was that everyone had a different view of what the game should be. I found that asking more questions to get a clearer picture, as well as finding example images to narrow things down, seemed to help the rest of team understand a bit better and take those ideas on board.

I also took it upon myself to fill one of the 3D artist roles. The plan for the game was to use low poly models, and this was an area I had some experience in and wanted to explore further. It was an interesting learning experience to create larger versions of objects that would otherwise be small compared to a human character. At this stage I didn't have any experience with creating textures myself, so adjusting existing textures to suit our art style and bringing out finer details such as the wood grain was all done within Photoshop. I was also tasked with creating the clouds to help set the scene in the stormy stage. The most challenging thing in regards to modelling for this project was turning an outsourced high poly sunflower into a low poly one. This was my first attempt at modifying an existing model, and needed to single out one flower out of a bunch (~200,000 tri's). After adding leaves to the stem, I was able to make a high poly (~2,000 tri's) and low poly (~600 tri's) version for use in the background and foreground. While still somewhat high, especially for a flower, the scale of the game and the aesthetics in the final scene made this acceptable.