These board game tokens were made for a client's Napoleonic era wargame, "Fog of War". I was tasked with designing and modelling a variety of tokens which would then be 3D printed (7 sets in both blue and red). The symbols needed to be simple and easy to identify, as well as being relevant to the theme of the game. After a few design iterations, the client was very pleased with the size of the tokens and the symbols on each one. Overall, this was certainly an interesting challenge compared to modelling for video games, with the main issue being the limitations of the 3D printer itself. Print tests were a must, and since I didn't own a 3D printer, each test would cost me some money. The most interesting test was a scaling issue when converting the model file into one that could be read by the printer. This resulted in the tokens being printed mirrored and at 1/10th of the intended size. This also highlighted the resolution limitations for the icons on each token. Thankfully only a handful of tests were required to achieve the final result. 


Blue and red sets of tokens.
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