By using a single reference image of a Spartan chest I found within Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (2018), I am very proud of how well this turned out. My original goal was to make a simple chest, but was at a loss at what type of lock I wanted to use during my initial planning. I decided not to use a typical locking mechanism, and went with the idea to make the chest look as though a credit card is needed to unlock it - making it a loot box. To do this I took a Pay-Wave symbol, traced it, and embossed and debossed it into the front, back, and lid. I used gold and red marble to give it a royal look to hint at what quality items may be inside, and displayed it on white marble (instead of red) to make the features stand out more. The textures for this were sourced online, and used in a single texture atlas.

Maya / Photoshop

Loot box
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Close-up of Pay-Wave symbol
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